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1 month ago

It sounds like you have a strong attitude ;-0 that is what it takes to get through some days! I have found some interests I can still enjoy if I explore some additional tangents. For example if you really like nature…do you like taking photos of nature? I crack up at the extreme photos a friend of mine takes. He is a great bird and nature photographer and I know he walks miles a day capturing them. I like to take pictures too but can’t walk miles. Instead I take my camera with me (and the long lens!) and hang out on my porch. I take pictures of what I can see from that vantage point…and if I am patient it is quite a lot! I take a book out with me and sit and wait for nature to approach me. It does if I am quiet and still enough! Someday I will have a coffee table book “The Porch Photographer” ;-0

That interest kicked off interest into digital scrapbooking/photo editing, etc. ideas keep coming…