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1 month ago

I’m not a big fan of Life Insurance but rather not having any debt or obligations around upon my death. After we pulled from debt we built a house with that equity that I could continue to live in if/when my MS progressed. In this house I can live on one level if needed, can easily get out into a front and back yard, it has a bathroom that is well designed with a zero entry shower and separate tub that I can soak in quickly to either get warm or cool down.

Once established in this new house in the country I have managed to find a new job with a reasonable commute so I should have enough time to maintain my PT and diet. I was also pleased to see the disability insurance policies available and that concerns me more than life insurance although it is documented our life span is about 7 years less. But I look at my mom (Parkinson’s) and my dad (MDS) and their life was cut short by other diseases so none of us are promised how long we will be here 😉 I look at all my dad paid into life insurance through his life and the $7k payment we finally wrestled out of them at the end that only covered a fraction of his funeral and closing bills. It kind of confirmed that putting money aside personally into an account for this purpose is likely a better investment. JMHO MS isn’t the type of disease (like a cancer) with an imminent death so I feel better about good health insurance and disability insurance.