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1 month ago

I stopped working a year ago due to “frustrations with management” ;-0 One thing that I was way behind on was keeping my daughters digital scrapbook up to date and with her graduating this spring it was something I wanted to get caught up on before the parties that should have been held this spring. With Covid we are delaying in-person celebrations but I did push it into this You Tube video inspired by another person in this group that put their artwork in a video. It was such a great idea! I am pushing this interest to see if it could be an alternate career path or direction-

I was an avid horse riding competitor (dressage and eventing/jumping) before MS and compounding hip issues but still have the horses and have started to climb back on the pony occasionally. I think it is good for me and hypotherapy has worked for years for people to walk better…will it help MS people?

I also want to push further into photography joking that I will be a “porch photography” capturing all the images I can while seated on the porches around our house that thankfully is in the country and has good views. I do some sewing, am tempted to get back into art (my initial major in college) and brush up on my piano playing so 10 years of lessons as a kid aren’t a total waste 😉

So-while I’m not likely to compete in many horse shows I’ve come to realize how many interests and hobbies I have (or have had) that I can still do 😉 but now I did lock in a new job and start in 10 days…so may need to keep them to the weekends for a bit longer-