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1 month ago

Since diagnosis I have started QiGong (Lee Holden on YouTube is brilliant) and find it very helpful. I have also started seeing an acupuncturist who amazingly happens to be married to an MSer so really understands what I am experiencing. I’ve always loved swimming but was often too lazy/busy to go – since diagnosis I have started open water swimming a couple of times a week at a local reservoir here in London. Swimming is great as it doesn’t heat me up and is very calming. I write a gratitude journal daily – I am definitely VERY grateful for the NHS and for the currently relatively benign state of my MS. I read a lot and am hoping my uveitis and cystoid macular oedema, for which I have had 4 injections of steroid implants, don’t affect that going forward. I also try to meditate, using the Buddhify app, when I remember.