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1 month ago

Hello @sim1211 wow, you do have a lot on your plate! The difficulty with being at the ‘slightly older’ end of the age range, is that we have more to reflect on. I am in my fifties, diagnosed three years ago, so relatively recently. In the last year or two, I have come to see that the most important thing is to up my quality of life. In my case, this meant cutting right down on work, selling up and moving to a different part of the country. Reason being, so we don’t have to think about restructuring further down the line. During lockdown, I’ve been through a lifetime collection of photos; put the most meaningful ones in albums which was a really cathartic experience.

Prior to diagnosis, I was never much of a routine person. Now, it’s an essential part of my day and I really appreciate it. I plan everything ahead, even down to what I will wear for the rest of the week! It must be really difficult for you; in my case, my husband is fit and well, but you have two lots of diagnoses to contend with. Do you have family and friends nearby? It’s probably really important that you isolate a slice of time and space to yourself every so often, and give yourself a treat. Maybe a massage, or haircut, or spending spree every so often. I spend time every day looking at all the posts on Shift, and I also try to keep up with research and development in the world of MS. The impact of Covid on our wellbeing can’t be measured, I think everyone has found it a struggle, and especially us who are at the more vulnerable end of things.

Have you considered counselling at all; it’s great that these things are becoming more accessible, since now available via Zoom and Skype. If only that you can hear yourself talking. I have never ventured into that world, but have thought seriously about CBT, to help me direct my thoughts away from my aches and pains. I hope that you find brighter days, take care x