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1 month ago

I had impaired walking from day one of MS. I was told that if the damaged nerve was going to mend it would do so within a period of two years (it didn’t). I was also put on a DMT straight off and told in no uncertain terms how important it was to keep well and do max. exercise. To this I added ongoing physio. In terms of keeping walking, this has been CRITICALLY important, because a neuro physio identified exactly what the deficit was. Whereas the neuros just talked about ‘nerve damage’, the physio showed me how to start correcting it. I was only a year into MS but already I had damaged my knee though poor gait caused by the MS. My posture had been affected too. There are all manner of physio ‘tricks’ that can improve your function and prevent adding to the MS problem. That all happened 17 years ago. I’ve had to add a brace to my leg, because the knee damage is so bad, but I get around independently and if I use my nordic walking poles I can manage up to 3 miles. Your post doesn’t say what damage you have – and maybe you don’t know yourself. If you don’t, I recommend finding out. It’s likely to be a mix of things and may involve balance as well as muscle weakness. There are answers out there! xx