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1 month ago

I was diagnosed a week ago, but I had been suspecting it for 6 years when I had my first relapse, optical neuritis.

I had no more relapses until a month ago, when I woke up with the left half of my body numb and weak. I quickly tied both events and told the neurologist to focus on MS diagnosis and did the MR, spinal tap etc and it was confirmed. In my case I don’t have many scars, just 4 in my brain and one in the spine, but one of the brain ones is bigger than the usual MS ones, as it’s 1.5cm, in fact it would have been thought a tumor if they were not looking for MS.

Both times I was put on corticoids and both times I totally recovered quick after that.

I’ll start with meds (tecfidera) in 3 weeks as I decided to enjoy my holidays before starting the feel the side effects etc.

It was a big hit of course, but as I had been suspecting it for 6 years, I guess I was mentally ready for the final confirmation. My wife is taking it way worse than me.