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2 months ago

Wow- what a journey. I had a blind spot in one eye in my second trimester of my only pregnancy that went away in the 3rd trimester but they didn’t want to do an MRI due to the pregnancy and back then (2002) not being sure if it was safe. Of course after having her and with no symptoms there was no suggestion to do the MRI then…so the summer she was 3 my foot was sticking out funny when we went for a walk in the park and that resulted in a visit to the neurologist, that happened to be an MS specialist, and a MRI with a definitive diagnosis. Not many DMTs were available then so I was put on copaxone which is now considered a safe MS drug although not as effective as some of the others.

I read that it often takes 4-6 years for a diagnosis which seems kind of crazy but I guess it took several years between my first symptoms, that were dismissed as a pinched nerve from kick-boxing and then the blind spot during pregnancy, and my official diagnosis. One I got to the right neurologist everything fell into place.

I’ve never tried Tecfidera or Aubagio but know they are pretty common. I think the Dr Boster videos are great and likely cover them quite well but if you search them using the little magnifying glass in the upper left or click the tags that should have been attached to your post you can check out experiences of other people on this forum-

Good luck! hope things slow down 😉