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1 month ago

@rachel_hilton_1 I think that you need to get some advice from someone like Citizens Advice. I’m pretty sure that there must be laws in place which protect a person with a disability from losing their house and falling into a position of hardship which may cause their health to deteriorate.

I think that the charity “Shelter” may be able to give you some guidance on how to deal with this situation.

I would say that you are in a STRONG position to ensure that whatever the agreed terms are between you and your (ex) partner for when you sell the house that you are left in a position where you are comfortable and safe.
It might be worth speaking with a housing association who may be able to offer you a property with “shared ownership”, where you purchase a percentage of the property and the housing association charge you a monthly rent on the other percentage. For example, you purchase 50% of a property along with the housing association and then you are charged a “reasonable” amount of rent on the other 50%, which is jointly owned by the housing association. You are not obliged to purchase the remaining 50% but the option is normally there in the future if you ever decide to do so.

Be strong and remember that help is out there you just need to know how to access it. The Citizens Advice Bureau I feel is the best place to start. Failing that try the MS Society, they may have someone who you can talk to and give you some housing advice.

Stay strong