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2 months ago

I was Dx when my daughter was a toddler so didn’t work through this issue but Dr Boster has it covered in this video…there are some DMTs that are felt to be safe, like Copaxone, but not sure that any of them are on the high efficacy list…but they are something at least.

Tough decisions…I had a blind spot develop during my 2nd trimester that they thought might be ON but didn’t want to to MRI citing concerns with ear drum development. Now I think they say they are fine. MS specialists now say that what I describe sounds more like an optical migraine…a really long one ;-0 but it went away in the 3rd trimester as MS symptoms typically do as well.

My body handled delivery well (although I was 1 month early) and breast feeding for one year. I was Dx a couple of years later as my foot was sticking out oddly for a week with no pain or other issues related to it.