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1 month ago

Hi there, I got my diagnosis a couple of months back. My MRI showed very similar to what you describe. Brain and spinal cord (neck) and my symptoms of note at the time were weak left leg, twitchy left eye and sometimes left hand. I’ve had another MRI since and there are more lesions in my brain but I have no new symptoms thankfully. I was supposed to have a lumber puncture but because there was more than one lesion in two separate areas and the time line of symptoms suited the criteria for a diagnosis I was spared that one. I dont wish for you to have MS but I hope you are close to finding out what is going on with your body. To be honest, I felt relief when they said it was MS because I’d been having so many appointments and seemed to be getting nowhere. Then all of a sudden they phone up and say “this is what it is and here’s what we can do about it”. 👍