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1 month ago

That is how my Neuro handled my spring visit. We basically did much of what we do in his office but through my computer. I was glad that I watched Dr Boster’s video he had put out about what to expect:

One thing he didn’t mention, and I wasn’t prepared for, was that my Neuro would want to watch me walk and I didn’t have my PC set up anywhere that he could see me walk for about 5 feet and it would have taken some time to move it to a different area. Next time I should set up in the living room or exercise room instead.

I think the MS society also had a helpful article of video on televisits. I bet even after this pandemic is over a lot of Dr visits will be converted for patients that it is too difficult to get around as it is much easier on them and Drs prefer as they say people seldom miss the appointments and are on time so everything runs much smoother-