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2 months ago

The emotion of wanting to self destruct and literally implode with rage because i’ve always been protective over people and I hate bullies and yet I can’t even protect myself, I haven’t got a physical target to hurt and give pay back to. And the sad reality is my own body is doing it to itself. Just fuming, furious, and fed up.

I hate that anyone directly or indirectly has to go through this!

And one thing that really annoys me is when someone says, ‘oh MS isn’t the same disease it was 20 years ago’ like thats supposed to make anyone feel better. Like the DMTs are going to 100% work, it’s all a gamble, and you will never know if it has worked or did you just get lucky. We aren’t any closer to stopping it or thats at least thats the way I feel.

Had enough of it and I’ve only had it for a couple years, and I feel for the long term sufferers and wish there was a way I could reverse it for them.

Always lived a karma style life to get this in return… F**K you, you piece of S**T MS Monster, you are just a cowardly soulless pathetic excuse of a bully!