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2 months ago

I wasn’t really injected into pinched skin but would try to kind of create bump to inject it just under the surface…as told that wasn’t good for me 😉 over time (like 10 years) I developed dimply skin and kind of like “scar tissue” under the surface and when I tried to inject into one of these dense areas it seemed like the injection would kind of clog. I think, after all that time, my body was kind of worn out of being jabbed all the time. Until the last couple of years it was daily!

Of course after all this I am told it would help to rub the area vigorously after the injection to get the drug to disperse. Not sure if that would help…so some warm compresses and rubbing…you could see if that helps. I thought an infusion would be such a bother to basically set aside a day every 6 months but now I prefer that to 10 minutes at night several times a week that I dreaded…

you could see if that makes it easier 😉 and prevents damage from accumulating