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2 months ago

Hi , I was diagnosed with ppms in 2018, told probably had for five years previously too. I have a strap for foot drop, left only and recently got a cane if I have a longer walk. My left side seems to have most difficulties, arm and leg. Headaches, neck pain and occasional spasms plus the frustrating fatigue. I am 57, working as a carer for the elderly and have two kids 12 and 15 plus a husband although I would say we are no longer a couple although still living in same house (not due to ms). I am trying to assist myself through exercise and diet, recently got notified I did not meet necessary requirements to be put on ocrevus, no active lesions. I have recently had blood tests and prescribed 40,000 vit D3 a week which I checked with GP as I have been advised by another mser on a forum that K2 mk7 could prevent adverse effects of high doses of vit D3. Brain fog does not help trying to consider all pros and cons. Hoping the fasting mimicking gets some positive results, would like to know more. I am trying to get my gut flora on the right track. I am new to shift as of tonight.