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2 months ago

I’ve had varying success with PTs. It kind of depends on who writes the order in the US and what it is written for. I have compounding issues. I had a dislocated big toe (I ignored after it was “fixed” and didn’t want it touched for like 6 months :-0 ) and also footdrop from MS that likely messed with my hip (along with the toe) and resulted in a hip replacement.

The first order was written regarding the hip and so she focused on that and not so much the impact of MS. After I moved I found another place and specifically sought out someone strong in Neuro stuff. He was great and we were going along well until C-19 hit. It is actually really at about it’s worst around here right now so still on hiatus. He left me with some exercises and I have picked up more on-line…there are so many options…

Walks would be good if you have a good spot for that. I am in the country and really do not. I do try to get outside and do more (sunshine and fresh air helps with sleep too) but do more in our little exercise room and from on-line ideas from people that specifically work with MS folks. If you search up a PT person just make sure they have training for issues such as ours- Good luck! I’m going out to pick our raspberries…that will be my hour in sun stretching and walking today but it about wears me out for a few hours 😉