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2 months ago

I was on Copaxone for many years and it was stressed that it was a subcutaneous injection (intended for into fat layer under skin) and not IM (intra muscular). Too deep and it stings was the rule. I would actually kind of position my supporting hand to make sure I didn’t have to press so hard against myself to bury the needle. I was on it for like 9 years so ended up with some dimpling in the fat in my inner thighs as that became my “favorite” spot to take it.

After taking it for years I was encouraged to put a warm compress on the site afterwards and vigorously rub the area to diffuse the shot. Maybe that would have prevented the bumps and dimpling but now after being off it for years they have gone away.

It was about all there was when I was first Dx so eagerly took it but stayed on it as new DMTs were introduced as my Neuro wanted them to have time on the market before I switched. I still had attacks over the years and more lesions. I wish now I would have pushed harder to transition to a more effective drug as all the damage lurks under the surface until you are older or your reserve drops. I’m now on Ocrevus so hope progression is stable.

There are situations for Copaxone as Dr Boster covers above but encourage you to look at the full range of options out there if you continue to accrue lesions- Good luck-