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2 months ago

I often refer people to the videos put out by Dr Boster as he covers so many topics and in a manner that they can be understood by a patient vs just by doctors. He has several good ones on MRIs and reading them. I found the ones on MRIs very enlightening. My MS team kept stressing about “Brain lesions”, which I have, but that concern me less than my spinal lesions. I think my brain has rewired where it could but I think that is harder for my spinal ones…I have a lesion exactly where he says in one of his videos could result in foot drop and that is my major issue. I don’t know why neuros aren’t on high alert for the obvious symptom for where a lesion is and urging you to get PT for it or any other physical help you need. I think dealing with manageable foot drop for years resulted in issues in my gait that imbalanced my system wearing out my right hip to the point it had to be replaced and I’ve never really fully recovered from that. So- trying to stay in front of disability is important. Hopefully you are not dismissed this time. I’ll give a link to one of Dr Boster’s MRI videos but the more you know and ask questions maybe the more they will listen to you?

Good luck!