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2 months ago

Hello @laaa, without a doubt, emotions and particularly stress affect our MS. You could start by looking here:

If I am unsettled or worried about something, I go for my daily walk and find I can hardly walk sometimes; that’s not the MS, it’s the stress that gets in the way. You are newly diagnosed; even though you’re managing, believe me, it can take up to a year to get used to the idea. Also, your body is adjusting and trying to make sense of it too. You need to go easy on yourself at this time, and take all the offers of help and support you can. Oh, and not to mention getting diagnosed in the middle of the Covid crisis; by the way, my neurologist told me that every one of her patients has reported a ‘worsening of symptom’ since March, which again, is rooted in anxiety. Good luck, keep going, you’ll be fine 🙂