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2 months ago

Yes, I figured you were already trying many of the “tricks” 😉 I stuck with the “sleepio” program as I got an insurance kick back but really didn’t think I improved much due to the program. I was in so much pain from my hip (this was post replacement but it still made sleep difficult and finding a good position almost impossible) and it really doesn’t address not being able to sleep from pain. It also didn’t really get into if you have a disease that makes sleep difficult to maintain as, obviously, MS does…ughhh. I also heard in an interview yesterday that since our body “repairs” during sleep and MS people have alot of repair to attend to that we should get more like 8-10 hours of sleep! If I get 7 hours I think I have done good! I’m surprised that neuros aren’t all over our sleep habits and helping us get more sleep…mine said I should talk to my GP about sleep…I told him that until he can “cure” MS he should help me at least manage it and sleep is, obviously, an issue for people with MS. Reluctantly he gave me a prescription for Ambien but I really didn’t like it so only tried the sample and stopped. It didn’t help me stay asleep but I just felt like crap when I woke up after not sleeping long enough.