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2 months ago


Thank you for your response.

It is quite incredible to have read what I just did from you, the tricks that you suggested are ones that I kind of set out in my day to day routine. Stretching and gentle exercises have always been suggested to help ones sleep as it is a muscle relaxant depending on which ones you do and how you do them. Tea is filling my stomach up on a repetitive basis. 😂 There is no other drink I consume than tea, it is such a rarity for me to absorb coffee or alcohol these days as it normally disrupts the pattern of my bladder movements. I don’t even drink water and that really should be a must, for everyone. MS or not I know I should be piling in the water.

I will keep on my Amitriptyline and try to stretch a bit more, I’ve never been much of a reader as I just don’t have the patience for it. 😂

All the best!