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2 months ago

Thank you, @stumbler. The epilepsy was diagnosed by my first ms neurologist, De A and 2 other neurologists, but because I started my seizures quite late on, at 18, there were more tests and they found my ms. My lesion is on my temporal lobe, and my seizures match with the partial seizures TLE gives. I have been telling my team for the past couple of years, now I’m in a stable relationship, that I do want children. Obviously, my first neuro, Dr A, had thought ahead and had me on copaxone. Then he left the area, and I’m with Dr B now, and he’s done a couple of reviews, including one with my partner present and me specifically asking about kids. There were no issues brought up then. Neither with my ms nurses who I’ve been having a laugh with and when I did find my partner, I did tell them I would like to start a family with him.

I think my gp may have done lots of digging for me. I had to double check the BNF, and although theres no mention under lamotrigine, there is mention of the dangers under epilepsy. (I did 2 years of my nursing degree before I dropped out, and the BNF is now my medicine bible). Do you think it’s just a new thing they’ve found lamotrigine does, after a study?