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2 months ago

My first, memorable, symptoms started early/mid 2005. I was really stressed and in a very strange place mentally. First signs were waking in the mornings with my tongue edges and inside of my cheeks being chewed up. It went on for a few weeks before one day on my way to work, I lit a cigarette and felt a weird ‘click’ in my head. Went to a doctor and he looked at me weird when I told him what was happening, but still gave me a referral to A&E. From there they referred me to neurology and by March 2006 I’d been diagnosed.
Thinking back there was a time in the mid 90’s, when I lived in London, that I’d randomly had numb feet, but was working as a runner so thought it was down to walking around a lot.

There are times I wish I hadn’t chased up what was wrong, but certainly better that I did. I still go to that doctor to this day. He essentially saved my life and my sanity. I had been to two other doctors that I’d known for years who had both told me it was nothing and to grow up.

I have stayed away from all types of meds since diagnosis and had hoped that I could keep going that way by doing it with holistic methods for the last 14 years, but it seems that the MS is catching up with me and I’ll be starting treatment in the coming weeks.