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2 months ago

Hi, and welcome to Shift!
I get where you’re coming from, with the nervousness of telling work and having other people know. I have found, however, people tend to treat you the same. My whole store knew when I worked at KFC, and the manager (a pr1ck) still had me work close-opens, and no one treated me any differently. I then moved to a call centre job, and I told my manager there too, and HR was involved. It was a good thing, I got my shifts altered so I didn’t have to work late nights or long days, and if I was ever off for anything to do with my MS, it didn’t count towards my sickness and absence. I’m my opinion, it’s always good to at least tell HR, and maybe the person above you. If it does get out, and people start asking what it is, I tell them that my immune system is attacking my brain (maybe with a little anger, if I dont really know the person). They usually leave it at that.
HR are good. You legally can’t be discriminated for a disability, and if people, who arent close to you or need to know, start mobbing you about it, tell them to shove it where the sun don’t shine. I’m pretty open about mine, but that’s mainly because I now use a stick.
I’ve also had days where I felt like sh1t and feel like my life is over, and cried for my future, but if you have someone who understands and can console you and make you laugh about the whole thing, it makes it better. If you need anyone to chat to, everyone here will listen.