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2 months ago

@kel_b and Sir Stumblr (hi hope u r ok)
Hi guys! Yes I am still alive!
Having a nightmare with lockdown (no help, homeschooling etc) as I have had a small stroke thanks to my tiny veins and in activity due to the same problem
I have tried every antibiotic under the sun and still not able to shift my infection so they have put me on a prophylactic Of nitrofurantoin (Daily dose)… Which comes with its own issues
All I can say is get a prophylactic and make sure you stretch daily to make sure you don’t have a stroke
I have swerved DMDs so far.. (I still thank God because I am not sure they know what they are doing and don’t want to be a lab rat) 26 years in now – and I’m fcuked …but not in a red hot lover type way.,.
As the Don G said recently ““There is a lot you can do outside of DMTs and the pharmaceutical management of MS”
But what you are supposed to do about stubborn infections I don’t know – but good to be aware…