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2 months ago

Hi @athdara
I know that most DMD’s come with that added worry around lowered lymphocytes etc, and mavenclad is no different. I’m not sure where you are located, but here in Canada I have heard of some doctors holding off on treatment during the pandemic. For myself, my last round came just before it was widely known to be an issue here, (in January) and since then I’ve just been extra careful. So I’ve been staying home, wearing medical grade masks when in public, and doing all of the things we should be. I’m sure you will talk to your team to decide what is best for you, but if you do decide to go forward just remember to keep up to date on your blood work to monitor your levels, and stay safe!
One thing that I am happy about with Mavenclad is that my lymphocytes are now back up to an almost normal level, instead of constantly being suppressed, which is great for me!