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2 months ago

Hi @beth26, my symptoms are often those that I am very familiar with. There is good and bad to that as I know how to combat them and work around them but they get a bit tedious and disheartening. I find they get worse if I am under stress or not getting enough sleep. I also need to keep my diet pretty clean and do my regular stretching and workout routines. It helps, somewhat, to avoid nasty heat and humidity.

The picture I have in mind is one from the model Dr Boster shows in videos, the “leaky pool” model. Basically I have impacted areas and if the water drops (my neurological reserves) they can rise above the surface of the water. I just have to keep my levels up to drive them under the surface.

It can get hard to manage as people say “wow, when is that going to get better” or even when my PT guy is expected to log “progress” or the MS nurse calls…they expect patients to “get better” when I only hope to not slide further down the hill. Maintenance is what I need to be happy with but I always fight for more.

Good luck – know the feeling 😉