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2 months ago

Whenever I have a new or returning symptom that lasts more than 24 hours I am to call my neurologist and come in. That is likely the common instruction we all hear. Then I’m given an MRI to look for an active lesion (checking both my brain and spine in lots of MRIs). If there is one I am given IV steroids (in a home infusion arrangement) and that shuts things down quickly. If there isn’t an active lesion I’m not given steroids as there isn’t inflammation to shut down so they won’t be effective. There always has been…until this last time.

That confirmed my Neuro’s opinion that I have transitioned into SPMS. I was Dx in 2005 so after 15 years this commonly happens. I have some progression showing up without a dramatic introduction/attack. I still need to manage it but without the aid of steroids. I take care of myself, get my sleep and eat well. I exercise and keep up my DMT (Ocrevus) and D3.

Can you think of anything that has changed or stressed you? can you try to get back to a “happy place”? These have been crazy times… be well 😉

It seems to follow the “Leaky Pool” model…if the “water line” (my resilience) drops (from stress, an infection, lack of sleep , etc) some old symptoms crop up. This video made sense to me…I needed to get my “water level” back up to get the symptoms to resolve