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2 months ago

Hi @miranda_mcnair – I was diagnosed last Nov. Aged 52 & started on Tecfidera in Feb. So have almost done 5 months & have been lucky not to have too many side effects. I certainly know if I’ve not eaten enough & did get horrible stomach pains in weeks 2-3 which were relieved by a good antacid which I took each day for a week.
I was never a breakfast person before so had to make some changes but now have a small yogurt and maybe cereal with bran and that works for me, I definitely need the yogurt. I’ve never flushed, but then I have never blushed either, but I do get really hot at times but not sure if that’s my hot flushes as opposed to Tec. I think it’s all about working out what works for you as one thing I’ve found from this great site, is everyone’s different and what works for some may not work for others. I do hope you get on ok with it.