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2 months ago

hi from another Laura – but in the US ;-0 The first MS symptoms I now realize I had was after particularly grueling kick boxing sessions. Within days I had issues lifting one of my legs and was stumbling running up stairs and a couple of times when I told my leg to lift up and move out of the car it just didn’t move! say what!?

A couple of years later and my foot sticks out funny one morning and just won’t go straight for a week so I was sent in to a Neuro and for an MRI. It showed lesions and I was Dx (2005). There wasn’t much for treatment then but Copaxone had just been approved and I was put on that. I was on that for years and then Rebif and am now on Ocrevus. Treatments are improving 😉 but never tried Tecfidera.

This group is a good one with great information and support. The MS Societies also put out dependable information as well as Barts and I’ve learned a lot from Dr Boster’s site. This is his message to the newly diagnosed but he had hundreds of videos out there on many topics that you may find of interest

Good luck and welcome-