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2 months ago

My problem right now isn’t getting to sleep it is staying asleep! I’m awake after 2 hours and then battle to get to sleep at that point…ughhh

In my last Neuro appointment I said my main issue was fatigue. After about a half hour of doing something I just am done. Then I need a couple of hours before I can do more. He prescribed Modafinil which my insurance carrier balked at but said I could have Amantadine. I started that a month go (100 MG/day, I take around noon) and while it doesn’t really seem to affect my fatigue type of issue it stopped the mid afternoon and right at bedtime twitches! it has really helped!

I should add that previously I was taking Gabapentin/Gralise for nerve pain (which helped but not the twitches or fatigue but got rid of the Meralgia paresthetica I was experiencing at the time). I also take Mg each day and make sure I drink a glass of milk each day for Ca (as well as other calcium in my diet). I also take D3, HiCap C and fish oil. I make sure I stretch good each day and do a moderate “work out” for about 45 minutes a day. When I can I try to get outside for an hour a day to do something.

At bed time I settle for at least half an hour to read a book and relax and sleep comes easily with no twitches…staying asleep remain the issue! I am on Ocrevus and found this happened in my last cycle as well and about 2 months before the next infusion I started sleeping through the night and that continued until the next infusion. I’m hoping it happens again …soon 😉