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4 weeks ago


First of all, you are not being dramatic. You are expressing just exactly how you feel.

MS can be a challenging battle to deal with, always reach out to those that are close to you. Those that will always listen and understand you for who you are.

This place is like a 2nd family, there will always be people here you can turn to. There are no judgemental people here as all of us on this site have the same diagnosis as you do. You can rely on this place to turn those frowns into a everlasting smile which will last a while… I honestly wasn’t meaning to sound poetic haha. 😆

I have had a battle from when I was first diagnosed at the age of 12, I am proud to say that I think I am doing relatively well with all thing considered. I am 27 and still fighting, it does not faze me anymore as I’ve learned to live with it and manage things in the way they need to be.

I hope you are doing well and fine and always know that there are people here for you if you want to reach out and need a shoulder to lean on.

All the best!

Jay x