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2 weeks ago

I was Dx in 2005 with RRMS. For at least the first 10 years after that I would have definite attacks where I would just suddenly have a new symptom or a varied return of an old one. Usually it involved balance or gait but once was speech. Each time I would have an MRI and there was activity on my MRI (shown as a new bright spot, contrast MRI, etc.) I would get a massive series of steroids and the symptoms would pretty much go away within two days. It was very effective and I would carry on as usual.

Over time I just had a very gradual decline in ability. Nothing dramatic and nothing that I even noticed very much. I just stopped doing activities that were now harder or no longer fun. This can be identified as when I started to move more into SPMS, a more progressive phase of MS. Kind of a bummer but at least more predictable. I no longer had sudden changes in what I could do or expect from a day.

I need to keep up my “reserve”, continue my treatment and push as hard as I can with PT and work to retain my strength and abilities I have. All the good stuff…diet, exercise, DMT, good sleep, reduce stress, etc. in a very conscious effort.

I think the “leaky pool” model describes it best and is what I share with friends/family to help them understand. Maybe it will help you?

But- we all write our own book and tell our own story. It is a very individual journey and one person’s experiences can’t define or predict anothers…we are all special little unicorns 😉