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3 weeks ago

Hello @fiona1992, welcome to Shift. Yep, it is a real shocker to be diagnosed. Confusing, conflicting, and yes, give yourself the gift of time to process everything. The fact that site has thousands of members, all ages and stages, from all over the world, shows that life does go on, and we all continue with our journeys. Basic rules for this time (according to me!) are: rest and exercise as optimally as possible. Don’t smoke. Don’t overload with information and also use credible sites like this one, MS Society or Trust, and never google! That can be scary. And yes, I remember feeling angry that I had a brand new diagnosis and was instantly force to confront the spectre of powerful drugs (disease modifying drugs/treatments DMD/DMTs) The wisdom of being further down the track shows that these medications are shown to slow down any progression behind the scenes. It’s easy to think ‘I’m feeling OK now, I’ll wait’ but if you have a relapse, at that stage the damage is done and you have another lesion or two. It’s a bit like vaccinating yourself to go abroad; it’s no use starting meds after you catch malaria, you take the meds to safeguard against it. I chose Tecfidera as, for me, it seemed to have the least impact on working life and lifestyle. Most meds have side effects at least initially, but if you use the search button above, you can access on posts and advice on different DMDs. Take care, hold your head up, and keep tuning in here would be my advice! 🙂 x