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3 weeks ago

Hi- I think the cognitive impact of MS is often overlooked as it is invisible but it certainly can impact us. I had so many issues last year with my boss that I ended up leaving a good job. Uncertain if her complaints with me, and my intolerance of her, were related to MS I went to the best local clinic (Mayo/Rochester, in in the US in the Midwest) for a full review that included a full day psych eval. Through the testing it was determined that my short-term memory isn’t as strong as it should be for my age (mid 50’s) but my analytical strength and executive functions are still above average. While no major problems were found I was glad to establish a baseline and am confident I could resume work if I want to and in this economy can find something I like. I also know to be aware of short-term memory issues and am getting better at keeping notes/a log and I think with this awareness can manage this better.

I am also on Ocrevus and while it is labeled an “immune suppressant” it impacts the B Cells and it is the T Cells that are relied on to develop immunity so I am not totally scared of C-19. It has been found in some cases to dampen an over-active auto-immune response which is a dangerous stage of recovering from Covid so I am trying to stay positive on how my body would respond to that challenge. That said I am certainly trying to avoid exposure!

I researched the cognitive MS symptoms a bit more and am on guard in that area. I’m glad I’ve established my baseline and know where I am right now to watch for degradation. Dr Boster has a great set of videos on MS and has this one on fatigue and Cog Fog. I think they are likely related as I am not as sharp if I haven’t gotten at least 7 hours of sleep which is about the max my body allows me. Depression is also a common issue for those with MS. You may find this video helpful-

There were a lot of tags associated with your post. They can be very helpful as when you click on them you can find previous discussions on them. Good luck!