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3 weeks ago

Hi and welcome to the club.
I felt the same as you once I was given my diagnosis…. great at least I can’t be labelled as a malingerer anymore, I’ve got a name for this thing and it’s real.
Have you been assigned an MS Nurse yet!
You’ll find they are your go-to person when you have odd symptoms like eye twitching and numb hands and wotnot…
Ask to be referred to see a NEURO physio they’ll have a few exercises and tips to help with your foot drop.
Under your post above you’ll see some boxes relating to some of the things you mentioned click on them and it’ll take you to other posts made about it.
Feel free to ask anything you like we’ll try and find an answer one way or another.
Lastly and cheekily can you lot learn to pick up your own brass when you’ve finished on a range?
Or I’ll have you changed for littering!
Welcome again.