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4 weeks ago

@thorpee hello again. I was asked by my neurologist why I wanted the diagnosis (was diagnosed with CIS (Clinically isolated syndrome)before) I replied I don’t want to wait any longer, if I know I can get on with my life, I could understand, I could get the help I need.
When I got the first diagnosis I was plainly told at work just tell us when u get the diagnosis, it infuriated me as I knew I had the symptoms now, lucky didn’t have to wait long, I was glad to get the final diagnosis and now work can’t bend over far enough for me. Glad that your work is more accommodating and sorry that you didn’t get the department you wanted.
Dr google has its bad and good sides, but if it wasn’t for dr google I would still be trying to get help as the doc was about to send me on another wild goose chase and probable have got a complete different outcome that is actually other of my ms symptoms.
My life lesson with all this…. try to keep laughing, it usually stops the tears.