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4 weeks ago

So my update is just as confusing. Ms nurse had a talk with my neurologist and concluded to refer me to the eye clinic at the hospital. Had the quickest referral ever… I got a phone call 30mins after been told of the referral and appointment 2 days after (today).

3 people saw me
1. was nothing much to write about.
2. Was testing the eye muscles. She said even tho my eyes were in normal range (1-10 Beyond is an issue) one eye is at 1 the other is 8. Conclusion one focus quicker than other.
3. He was looking at my eye. He said it looked healthy 😰. But he concluded that with what I’ve said and the ms it’s possible could be optic Neuritis even tho the symptoms don’t quite match. He can’t see any inflammation but it maybe slight (he wasn’t 100%)

So I’ve come out with possibly could be optic neuritis but they can’t treat With steroids because if it is…. it’s slight. But if it gets worse call ms nurse.

Sorry I just needed to get this out and my head is a mess. I suppose I’m also tired from the many maybe this maybe that in this loverly world of ms (pre and post diagnoses)