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1 month ago

I had my half infusions last fall and my first full infusion in April. I’m in the US. They gave me the option of pushing my infusion to May instead but I thought our local C-19 conditions would be worse in May than they were in April (and I was right) so I went ahead with it. All went well.

They had closed down many of the clinics infusion centers so I had to go to a different one that does not have private rooms but rather curtained enclaves. Due to this I had to wear a mask the entire time which caused a dry throat. Otherwise all was well.

You will see a lot of posts by @dominics in the last months regarding C-19 and likely some on Ocrevus as well. Dr G and Dr Boster on the various DMTs and C-19. From my Neuro, those experts and my understanding the impact of depleting the B-Cells (which is what Ocrevus does) can actually be beneficial in reducing that auto-immune phase of C-19 that is so dangerous. I went ahead with Ocrevus and think that is the current recommendation.

Dr Boster C-19 and DMTs

Dr Boster C-19 and Ocrevus