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1 month ago

Hello @snow. Were the scans you had scans, or MRIs? As part of the diagnostic process lots of people – myself included – discover issues with bulging/wearing discs (and yes, not related to MS). Re: the lumbar puncture, even if you feel OK today, please lie flat for a few days whilst the missing fluid recalibrates itself; this can cause a nasty headache, so laying and drinking really helps. When is your follow up appointment? make a list of possible past symptoms and dates; this can help with a possible diagnosis. This is such a bad time to be going through all of this with al the additional Corona anxieties. At least the pause in services has affected you having appointments, which is a good thing. I know it’s tempting, but try to avoid Dr Google and self-diagnosis; it always leads to links and stories which are often misleading and negative. All the research in the world won’t change what’s going on in your body, so try and be gentle with yourself and do your very best to avoid becoming anxious (this sounds impossible, I know). Everyone on here has been through, but the same as you, we call it limboland. It may not be MS, but I guess that’s what has been mentioned. So all the best, let s know how you go x