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1 month ago

[email protected] Thanks… have now seen 4 different Neurologists, and a Spine specialist and had :- 1 diagnosis of PPMS, 1 almost certain, 1 Probable, 1 lets investigate further every 6 months.. 4 different sets of Spine and Brain MRi’s, (CSF) analysis, Evoked potentials, and Blood tests,
Now a year on, and just pre pandemic have finally seen an NHS .. MS Specialist.. who spent a long time with me.. and gave me some confidence that further investigations would provide a definitive diagnoses and treatment plan.. In the mean time my symptoms slowly get worse. but unfortunately the NHS System is geared around proof of .”Dissemination in Time and Space.” Sounds like an episode of “Star Trek” doesn’t it… I have a repeat set of Scans and tests booked for the end of this month.. so hoping to be “Beamed Up” after these.
The Last private consultant I went to see , told me that he thought it took most people 2 years to adjust mentally to a diagnoses of MS.. and thought it unlikely that my test results would qualify me for Ocrevus treatment on the NHS which currently comes in at about £20,000 a year per patient.. with limited budgets I would guess that most trusts would be fairly selective on who this treatment is offered to… :0)