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1 month ago

Totally understand your concern. My daughter just turned 18. I found out I had MS when she was 3 and, of course, had some diagnosed symptoms for years before that. My mobility really only recently has been more impacted so during her childhood I was fully able to do things like help coach her soccer league and do all the physical things with her.

However, these are not the most important parts of being a mom 😉 much of it is talking, understanding and guiding. Those things I may be better at now. I certainly have more empathy.

It is true that often MS symptoms go away during pregnancy and especially in the third trimester. When I was pregnant I developed a small blind spot in my right eye that they didn’t understand but because I was pregnant they didn’t want to do an MRI. Now they know it is safe but they were concerned about development of the ear canal back at that time. The issue resolved in the miraculous 3rd trimester and no symptoms came back until she was 3 and then I was officially diagnosed.

If this is something you really want to do and have the support system to do it then go for it 😉 Not sure if you surf You Tube but Dr Boster (MS neurologist in Ohio/US) has hundreds of videos and some on pregnancy and family. This is one

Good luck!