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1 month ago

@lemtrada-uk I’ve never stood up on my pedals to go up hills, steep or otherwise. I’ve built up good thigh muscles, which gives me the extra oomph!
I put my bad left foot onto the pedal first (in the down position) and then scoot off with my good foot, which has time to find the pedal quite easily (in the up position) and this is then also the same foot which presses down first so basically your good foot will be doing all the work at the starting point.
I always stop in the same position as above too. I also always get off my seat when stopping at junctions and put my good foot on the ground and then start again as above.
Basically, my bad foot never need to leave the pedal.
Don’t use either foot. Train your brain to do the same sequence each time.
Also, take your time. Your son will be so pleased to bike with you however short the journey is and build it up from there.
A colleague of mine had Polio as child and has foot drop and one of his arms is twisted and hand set at an angle. He bought his bike from Halfords and they adjusted the pedals and handle bars for him at no extra charge.
I changed my generic pedals to the ones which look like they have teeth (serrated) tops. This makes your shoes stay far more securely onto the pedals and will assist you when pushing down on them.
I would stay away from the clip in shoes as you would probably find you cannot get your feet in or out quick enough.
Happy cycling!