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4 weeks ago

Hey there, I take lyrica (pregabalin) for nerve pain i.e. tingling, buzzing, nerve pain and baclofen for tight muscles and associated pain. Like when your bones and joints ache as well. Both work well for me. If you need any more info just get in touch. My neuro recommended these to me a few years ago wrote to my doctor and I get them through her. I was diagnosed in 2015 and have stayed on them in fact I couldn’t get through the day without them but like I said just want to take them as needed and it seems to work for me although I end up taking them so regularly but it’s just different times of the day. Not every day so sometimes I feel quite pleased on those days.
I have had the same feeling and tried to do without them by reducing my dosage. It wasn’t worth it and I wished I hadn’t tried it but you know weirdly sometimes I still think maybe I should try it again…🙄