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1 month ago

Hi @cufc21, are you talking about clinically highly vulnerable? The clinically vulnerable (ie, folks with MS on a DMD) seemed to have completely disappeared. But overnight, an announcement regarding highly vulnerable appears to have been made, which has kind of slipped into the ether. Guidance for us has been a disaster and Lord only knows what’s going on at the moment; it’s like everything is in freefall, as opposed to being carefully planned and announced is stages.

I’m on the half-hearted and unclear vulnerable list and work in a school, so due back tomorrow. It’s my understanding that I should continue to work from home if I can, but I’m not sure. However, will do so for now. Am waiting for the daily briefing to see if they are going to bother mentioning vulnerable/highly vulnerable. If not, if you have questions, I would call your MS nurse, or GP for clarification if you can. Take care, if you find anything of certainty, do let us know! 🙂