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6 months ago

Hi @cathy,
Thankyou for your reply.
Things have really settled since taking ocrevus, I have little pain and if I do, the CBD oil seems to manage that.
At the moment I have been pain free for generally for 4 or 5 months now. That is remarkable as within that time the stress of divorce, seeing my kids considerably less and problems with my job have ment my stress levels have been the highest they have ever been.
A positive mental attitude certainly helps too of course, but considering everything, I am very lucky, especially after reading about everyone’s problems on here..
At the moment dizziness and some cognitive things are the only problems, so I am good, I am happy too.
That does not help you though… long ago did you have your first ocrevus infusion?
Although I have limited experience with DMTs, ocrevis being my first, it really does seem to help.
I stopped taking CBD oil about 3 weeks ago and problems are developing again. I have since ordered 600mml strength CBD to help things once again.