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7 months ago

Hello @danielle24
My name is Reem Im a lady from Saudi Arabia daignosed 2004 age 17
im fine not disabled any how tried everything in life atrophy in 2014 it hasnt changed my life quality i finished highschool uni then learnt english in Scotland
MS cant stop you if you live your life as nature requires fruit viggies meat water build your body right
keep it clear of smoking snd alcohol

I learnt between me snd myself thst humans are weak
all of them ms patient might die of ms age 70 or 80 another petson had aleays been struggling with hidden blood pressure or cholesterol diabetes ect
all humans vulnerable from their body degrading map

MS couldnt and still cant stop me i cover my face outside under 50″ my face never got any relapse its inner strength too
be determined in convencing yourself it cant break you