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7 months ago

@laurab90 you know that voice in your head that stops you from saying or writing the things you shouldn’t , Well I don’t seem to have one of those. You have Multiple Sclerosis, just like thousands of other people, who also stress and worry it’s a normal thing to do. How a person deals with it is up to the THEM. I should be suicidal, the amount of pressure my body and mind is going through, but i’m NOT and do you know WHY. Because there is Sweet F— ALL I can do about it, what will be will be. I just try to keep my mind busy, don’t give it chance to play games with me, jobs around the house if I do them all well and good and if I don’t, I DONT. If I fall over I get up. @doubleo7hud I’ve got more hair coming down my nose and out of my ears than I’ve got on my head. @ stumbler Do people know what stress is or are the just down in the Dumps.