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8 months ago

@veronika_keir I was on Copaxone for 11 years and had a few attacks during that time that required massive prednisone infusions to shut down but resolved within 48 hours so overall I suppose that isn’t too bad. At least that is what I thought. I changed Neuros as I moved farther east and my new guy really thought I should have been switched off Copaxone much earlier. He moved me to Rebif and I had no more attacks. He thinks this could be more due to the fact that I have transitioned to SPMS so moved me to Ocrevus.

In my first infusion I had a slight reaction with one earlobe being red and a splotchy spot on my cheek. They stopped the infusion and pushed benedryl and it cleared up with 10 minutes or so and they restarted the infusion. Felt pretty good following that and felt I was more stable on my feet, etc.

Had my second infusion yesterday and had no reactions so no pauses and all went well. For my next appointment (in 6 months) I shouldn’t need to be escorted by my husband ;-0 But I do think I will want to stop at a restaurant and have a leisurely lunch to make sure I am up to the hour drive home 😉

So far so good. Hopefully my balance and foot drop improve. I currently use a walking stick if I am going a distance or uncertain about the terrain, etc. I had several interviews through the summer and I think being in your mid-50’s and having a cane really sets off some red flags and they find another applicant “with experience that better fits the role”…yeah, right. I’ve been holding off on interviews until I don’t need the stick…I think my experience will finally fit the role ;-0