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7 months ago

@jen1973g Spasms and Spasticity are a couple of the fun symptoms of MS to manage. I started taking Gabapetin to help with nerve pain and then switched to the extended release Gralise which I think delivers more evenly and is only taken once a day. I take it a couple of hours before bedtime so it helps with sleeping too. It is not a narcotic and used for a lot of issues but my MS Neuro stresses – It is not an MS drug ;-0 I tell him that a lot of MS patients use it to control symptoms.

Since starting it in early Sept I haven’t had many spasms and spasticity is less. I am just now receiving the second dose of my first round of Octrevus. I feel myy gait and balance are getting better on this combination.

I’m also tightening up my diet now with less animal fats, very little gluten, etc. I take Mg and make sure to have enough calcium. I also take vitamin D twice a day. I go to a PT guy weekly and do my PT work out in the morning when I am at my best and stretch before bed and something active in the evening so at bedtime I sleep better. I also found the less time sitting in chair pose (legs bent at the knees and hanging) seems to help.